Chip Conley on How to Cultivate Your Wisdom, Learn to Love Midlife, & Have Empowered Relationships Across Generations

Whether you’re 28, 88, or somewhere in the middle, wouldn’t you love it if your life came with operating instructions for aging? With great optimism and a generous sense of respect, Chip Conley (CEO and Co-Founder of Modern Elder Academy) lays out what’s long been misunderstood about our 40s, 50s, and 60s and reasons why your life can get better with age. If it’s any indication of how much this chat hit home for me, I felt it necessary to I bare my soul in the first few minutes.

I hope this resonates with you as deeply as it did with my team and me. Wisdom bombs abound, friends – too many to mention. Get ready to hit “pause” and grab a pen and paper. Enjoy!

TW: suicide, for a short conversation around minute 47.

Created as the answer to the ever-perplexing midlife era, Modern Elder Academy (MEA) — winner of Fast Company 2021 Brands that Matter Award — seeks to guide and support adults through transitions in their midlife years, with a particular lens on those aged 40 and above. MEA takes teachings from modern science and centuries of philosophers, writers, poets, and yogis, then melds them into lessons and insights for individuals looking for growth and guidance as they navigate midlife.

Founded by best-selling author, hotelier, and entrepreneur, Chip Conley, MEA has built a dedicated alumni group of over 3,000 past participants from 42 countries. MEA hosts in-person workshops in Baja California Sur, Mexico, offers online programs year-round, and a regular lineup of free live virtual events. MEA has also purchased two properties in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area for future campuses which will open in 2024.

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