Julia Mossbridge is a scientist, author, and speaker on the University of San Diego faculty, and founder of the Mossbridge Institute and TILT, The Institute for Love and Time. Her fascinating projects surround artificial intelligence (or AI, which is a particular interest of mine), unconditional love, time travel, a robot named Sophia, and much more.

Early on in our free-flowing conversation, Julia turned the tables and surprised me a question, which allowed me to reflect on highlights from the season so far. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, take note as we name-drop past guests and the wisdom they imparted. If you’re new (welcome!), see it as a road map to which episodes to jump to next.

This conversation was so rich, my team and I wanted to preserve each unexpected moment and fashion a thoughtful way to share them with you. So, here at Listening on Purpose, we present you with our first double-episode series.

Enjoy Part One with the incredible Julia Mossbridge.

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